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Many tree species naturally develop a crown with desirable branch spacing and characteristic structure. Although more branches initially grow than will survive, competition and shading allow some branches to develop faster than others. The smaller, weaker branches die, and many are shed during a natural pruning process.


Trees allowed to develop with minimal pruning will often require only correction of obvious structural faults, including poorly positioned or strongly competing limbs, weak branch attachments, or damaged or dead limbs.

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Keep Your Trees Healthy with Proper Maintenance

At Colt Tree Service LLC, we know how to properly trim and prune all types of native trees in our area. We provide services to residential and commercial properties, with residential work comprising the majority of our work. The majority of our customers trust our staff with our professional opinion on what needs to be done with their trees with respect to safety of  people, property, structures, longevity of trees, views and aesthetics.  We also need to lighten the trees (so they don't fall over) due to shallow roots in the area. To make the trees last longer, we don't hook or spike them when we work on them.


Pruning is the removal of plant parts, usually shoots and branches, but sometimes buds, roots, and even flowers and fruit. You can direct the growth of plants by pruning, which can enhance their performance and the landscape. Proper pruning is vital to keeping trees healthy. If dead or broken limbs are not removed, the decay can spread to healthy wood, making your tree susceptible to disease and insects.

Structural pruning

Structural pruning is the removal of live terminal growth from a shade tree to ensure safety, healthy growth, and attractive appearance. This method of pruning mature shade trees is not 'topping'. It is a procedure that is used to adjust the unnatural shade tree to the unnatural environment created by man for his pleasure, and the long life of his man-made shade tree.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction is a method of reducing the height or spread of a tree by performing appropriate pruning cuts. This method is also a form of structural pruning used to address some problem trees.


Thinning consists of reducing the interior mass of a tree by reducing or removing overcrowded and bunched up limbs. This provides more airflow through the tree, resulting in a much healthier tree.


Colt Tree Service LLC will lift your trees' canopies and selectively remove limbs to improve your view from different angles of your property at the same time. Our main priority is to recommend the best procedures for maintaining the health of your trees.


Fertilization is generally needed when there is a lack of nutrients. We perform general injection in confined areas to control disease and insect infestation.

The top 10 reasons you should have your trees properly maintained

1. Trees create oxygen and are beneficial to the environment

2. Trees add beauty to everything around them

3. Trees are homes and sanctuaries for wildlife

4. Caring for your trees increase the property value of your home and neighborhood

5. Maintaining your trees can help to avoid problems in the future

6. Proper pruning can prolong the health and life of your tree

7. Proper care for your tree can keep insects and diseases away

8. Mature trees take years to grow and cannot be replaced overnight

9. Trees offer shade and block winter winds, providing year-round energy savings

10. Trees are the world's largest living organisms

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