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Why remove a tree?

The primary reason behind removing trees is construction. More and more homes are being built every day. Because our environment depends on trees, it is important to be selective when deciding whether or not a tree should be removed. Our experienced team is ready to clear a space on your property.

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Have Your Hazardous Trees Professionally Removed

When you need trees removed from your property, the experts at Colt Tree Service LLC can provide you with the reliable tree removal service you need. Our trained specialists are available to inspect the trees on your property, and if they are damaged or diseased, we can safely remove them.


We can clear out a space for new construction, or we can remove dead or dying trees to reduce the risk of a tree disaster. We also provide stump grinding service to remove the stumps in your yard or business area.

Selecting trees when building

Enlisting the help of someone familiar and knowledgeable with the trees in your area is the best way to plan your tree landscape. We can help you decide which trees should be kept before you have a construction crew working on the property. You can tell them which trees to avoid with their equipment.

Removal due to main trunk decay

Many of the trees throughout our area are considerably hollow at the base and throughout the main trunk due to lack of nutrition, and sometimes construction damage. We will help you identify decaying trees, but will only recommend the removal of a tree if it is absolutely necessary.

Dead tree removal

If you have a dead tree on your property, it is important to get it removed by a professional, and as soon as possible. Insurance will not cover a dead tree that has fallen on your home. Putting the removal off even one year can cause a dead tree to become extremely brittle, and even more dangerous to remove.

Removal due to root rot

Any time we notice fungus growing at the root flare (where the tree meets the ground) we need to inspect further as it is generally a sign of root rot. There is a possibility that the tree must be removed as soon as possible due to complete disintegration of the root structure.

Dead tree removal Tree removal Tree removal Stump grinder

Stump grinding

We can help get rid of your stumps in your yard or business area. The general rule of thumb when grinding stumps is to grind the stump at least 6 – 8 inches below grade (where the tree meets the ground) making it possible to plant grass and reclaim your yard space.

Debris removal

We will go through whatever means necessary to protect your property while in the process of removing all debris from your property.

Our climbers are highly skilled

We will not use spikes to climb any tree unless the tree is to be removed as it is extremely harmful to the health and longevity of the tree.